The Regional Planning workshop on capacity Building of Community Based organizations in Advocacy held in Chittagong, Bangladesh from 3 to 6 November 2003 envisaged the concept of formation of a National Level Advocacy Forum by incorporating like-minded non-governmental organizations, network institutions and federations. The workshop laid the foundation for NAFAN by making a country wise working groups to further expand the institutional process of national level advocacy group. The participants from Nepal decided to establish such a forum by involving potential institutions. Series of meetings and consultations were held from December 2003 to June 2004 to decide the focus and governance structure of the proposed advocacy forum. Finally, National Forum for Advocacy, Nepal (NAFAN) was registered on 22nd June 2004 with the initiatives of several dedicated personals and organizations and Federations working for resource management, advocacy, human rights, environmental justice and gender.

Influence, encourage and shape the plan, policies and decisions in political, social, economic and environmental dimension

Peace and prosperity of the nation and environmental conservation.

Action oriented national level initiation that supports to strengthen individual advocacy goals through collective advocacy and information sharing.

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Protection, promotion, and realization of human rights of socially and economically marginalized people and community

Protection, promotion and realization of the cultural and economic right of different class and community

Access of marginalized class to environment, natural resources and biodiversity

Provide proportionate share to the disadvantaged community, and local groups of the benefits arising from commercial and other utilization of natural or biological resources

Conduct different activities to ensure rights of women and mainstreaming gender

Decentralization of natural resource management, conservation, sustainable use it and management of biodiversity to the local level of the society and local government

Establish and promote good environmental governance

Act as a resource center